“Write with the door closed. Rewrite with the door open.” (from Stephen King’s book “On Writing”) I get that, I really do. At the moment I am rewriting, and thus am in the process of opening that door. Of course it is stuck and stuffed, locked and latched, ¬†and crammed and jammed. And it has … More opendoor


“When you write a story you’re telling yourself the story. When you rewrite your main job is taking out all the things that are not the story” From Stephen King’s “On Writing”. Wise words. Fuck, I have a lot of rewriting to do. Guess I feel something in common with the amazing Mr King. We’re … More creating


“There has to be a clear idea of which shelf to put your book on”. OK, I guess. In my case I am thinking that my book should go on the science fiction shelf. Even though I don’t think I am necessarily “genre writing”. I think I am calling my stuff “sexy humorous sci fi”. … More genre


I did set myself to write every single day. And that I did do. I was not prepared for the many obstacles that would stand in the way. Little ones, pesky ones, brittle ones, and testy ones. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are even legitimate. They can seem insurmountable. Sometimes it feels like … More obstacles


Having completed the first draft of my trilogy, I have turned my attention to the business and marketing side of writing. As distasteful as it seems to me now, I think I will need to be au fait with all that stuff – or else I can say “bombs away” to thoughts of publication and … More rock’nroll


As a writer I struggle with cunt. I mean it is only a word, and should find its rightful place and purpose amongst the great pantheon of words out there. But there is something fearful about it and I am not in any way saying there should be – but there is. Its monosylabbic guttural … More cunt


Finishing the first draft and writing those words “the end” is an intensely thrilling thing. Brief and evanescent, for sure. Micro-brief really, but still just a little bit orgasmic in its way. Can something be a “little bit orgasmic”? Millions of dissatisfied housewives are probably nodding their heads and saying “are you kidding me?” and … More orgasmic

the end

Last night I wrote on page 1357 of my manuscript the words “the end”. Today I am beginning this blog with an ending. Why not? It’s such a very good place to start. I imagine that the blog will in the foolness of time end with a beginning. Thus, therefore and heretofore, all I should … More the end