maxresdefault-6As a writer I struggle with cunt. I mean it is only a word, and should find its rightful place and purpose amongst the great pantheon of words out there. But there is something fearful about it and I am not in any way saying there should be – but there is.

Its monosylabbic guttural gruntiness does it no favours. If the word had been concocted as cuntalily or cuntificence perhaps it could have rolled off the tongue and swiveled and squirmed its way off the page and out into the sunshine. But no – it was not to be and the cunted was forever shunted into a dark void.

My main character and narrator Jasper Jarman uses the term fairly liberally. It can be a term of endearment and it can be a pejorative, sometimes at one and the same time. He should know better. As an experienced medical practitioner he is capable of the formal and the high flown, but also frequently lapses into the gross and fly blown. He is in and out. In the matter of the cunt.


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