rock n roll guitar head

Having completed the first draft of my trilogy, I have turned my attention to the business and marketing side of writing. As distasteful as it seems to me now, I think I will need to be au fait with all that stuff – or else I can say “bombs away” to thoughts of publication and fame, even of the fifteen minutely variety.

I found this very very nice audiobook by a guy named Jeff Goins. “You are a writer (so start acting like one). The author is also the narrator, and that impresses me on at least two levels. I downloaded it and played it while driving to and from my day job. Which reminds me of a piece of advice that Jeff didn’t mention – “don’t quit your day job”. I think he probably saw that as self-evident.

Apart from that his book is absolutely full of great advice. It has humour and it has authenticity. And when it comes down to it – what else is there? Smart and funny, smart and funny, it’s the economy stupid.

One of the advice grabs Jeff highlighted was the thing about getting a blog going. Hence I signed up to wordpress and hence it is here I commence. After my first few postings I have checked the stats sheet – I have had five visits so far. I suspect three of them were in fact me. I have one “follower” – and I can confirm that was me.

I’m happy. I’m really happy. From here the only way is up. Baby.

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n roll. Good night dear follower (Jackson) (self) (you know who you are) (I can see you). Sigh.


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