archive 1. on finishing the first draft

It is about five years ago now that I completed the very first draft of the very first book of this sci fi series. It is fun to look back at my notes of the time.

Last night I wrote on page 1357 of my manuscript the words “the end”.
Today I am beginning this blog with an ending. Why not? It’s such a very good place to start. I imagine that the blog will in the foolness of time end with a beginning. Thus, therefore and heretofore, all I should need to do is muddle through the middle bits. That ought to be a piece of cake, a great big fat piece of rich gooey mud cake no doubt.
My name is Jackson South, and I am a writer. I have written each day for the past 380 days, and today I am resting. And blogging.
My trilogy of science fiction novels tells the story of Jasper Jarman, and his travels through time. It is the greatest tale of time travel ever told, and I am anticipating that at any moment visitors from the future will materialise in front of me to ask how I discovered the details of it all, at this time and at this place. It is epic, it is epochal, and it is epistemological. It is probably a shitty first draft.
Seriously, I like it, and I love it, and I’ve snuggled with it and I’ve hugged it – for many days and for many nights. I know now that the revise and rewrite is about to rise and reprise everything. Every chapter and every verse will need to be set and reset. Until it’s right.
But for now, I am basking in the joy of being able to write those words – “the end”. Even though I’ll probably have to edit and rephrase and totally rethink them as well.
The end of the beginning?

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