publication day

You sweat on it, and you fret on it. You dream of it, and you cream on it.

Cream? Really?

Well, you know what I mean.

Today December 14th 2020 is publication day for my first book Time Anew — The Checkered Past. There has been a slow buildup over months and over years. The soft sounds turned into melodic moments, and then the jaunty jingles jangled before the explosive orgasmic drumbeats boomed on in today, the special day, the publication day. And at that exalted height of exuberant exalted expectation … pretty much nothing has happened. Yeah, all quiet on the western front, and everywhere else.

Publication Day. It sounds like it should be comparable to Independence Day, or Proclamation Day, or for god’s sake, The Day of the Triffids. But no, the day has just rolled on through just like most other days in the calendar of life, death and infinity. Nothing special. More an eructation than an erection. Just a bit of an exhale, a limp wrist and a soft fart.

No celebratory champagne, no thé avec madeleines. No slaps on the backs, no hugs of congrats. No hoorah, and no Oscar.

But hey ye brothers and sisters, for me it is some kind of day. I am author, published. Get that into you. I allow myself a fist pump the size of a sucking thumb. And almost nobody knows. Or probably cares.

Please buy my book. The power bill is due soon.

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