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Procrastination must be the most prominent type of -ation in the toolkit of the average writer. Let’s face it, it’s true. We give it all sorts of other names of course. Writer’s block, time to research, too much research, dearth of research, inspiration search, creativity pause, between projects, another project, lack of other project, personal time, personal space, reconsideration of theme. Or just vacation and cream.

Given the above, I don’t want to apologise for my pause and procrastinate period. I had planned to publish book two last year, but it all got lost in the middle of the pandemic. But fear not, as we emerge from this unhappy collective malady, the time has come to resume and renew anew. The second book of Time Anew is in its sixth draft, and is just about ready to fly. Soon. I did a lot of work with my main editor, and a lot of work with my main illustrator, an awful lot of work with my main muse and inspiration, and a lot of hanging around and just procrastinating.

Fortunately, the story continues to evolve and revolve, and the original planned trilogy has morphed into a five book series. It’s one of those things about the creative mind. It keeps working on things, even while, and maybe especially while, we are busy doing other important and unimportant stuff, and procrastinating away into the long days and nights.

The characters had been demanding things in the background. They seemed satisfied with the conclusion of book three, but were still eager for more.

They also want me to get a move on and release the second book. The story wants to be out there. It dislikes too much procrastination. And I offer it my humblest apologies.

Stay tuned…

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