Time Anew

For fans for quirky time travel stories.

Recommended Reading Order:

The Checkered Past

For when the world of now is just not the world that you want to be in…

This is the first adventure of Jasper Jarman, doctor, all round good guy, all round bad guy, and unreconstructed hellraiser.

2068. Jasper needs a new job. He meets Professor Graeme Standforth, the world’s greatest scientist, and inventor of an experimental time machine.

These are turbulent times. A rogue nation starts a potentially apocalyptic war.  Meanwhile Standforth develops a severely disabling disease.

The world is burning, and Standforth is dying. The time machine is launched. The doctor, his companion Sally, the professor, the chimpanzee Chuckbee, and the computerised assistant owl robot Jezebel set off for a better future. There is no turning back.


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