second book time

Procrastination must be the most prominent type of -ation in the toolkit of the average writer. Let’s face it, it’s true. We give it all sorts of other names of course. Writer’s block, time to research, too much research, dearth of research, inspiration search, creativity pause, between projects, another project, lack of other project, personal […]

cast of characters. part two. the prof.

Professor Graeme Standforth. Without him providing the scientific know how and know when, the how and the when of time travel could never have happened. Possibly that’s true, although it wouldn’t be his position at all… He would go into some long winded diatribe about it being inevitable that it would happen, has happened, and […]

influences 1

Influences? When you are writing a novel. It is a tricky question, and not the least because pretty much everything is an influence, be it positive, negative, neutral, different, or indifferent. Every novel is a massive melange, a minestrone of melt. I think I started by thinking about “Back to the Future”. Yeah, really. It’s […]

free stuff

FOR 5 DAYS ONLY – MY MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR OF A SCI-FI ADVENTURE “TIME ANEW – BOOK 1 – THE CHECKERED PAST” IS AVAILABLE FREE VIA THIS WEBSITE OR AMAZON.COM. Step right up. Come and get it. Best read with an open heart, an ice cream on the go, and a lovely cocktail in tow. […]