quotations part one

So, I have had some feedback from readers. They have mentioned certain favourite bits and pieces from the novel. Every now and then something one of the characters says, or some thoughtful piece of wisdom from the narrator strikes a chord, and sticks in the mind. Pithy sayings carry a lot of weight in the […]

second book time

Procrastination must be the most prominent type of -ation in the toolkit of the average writer. Let’s face it, it’s true. We give it all sorts of other names of course. Writer’s block, time to research, too much research, dearth of research, inspiration search, creativity pause, between projects, another project, lack of other project, personal […]

archive 1. on finishing the first draft

It is about five years ago now that I completed the very first draft of the very first book of this sci fi series. It is fun to look back at my notes of the time. Last night I wrote on page 1357 of my manuscript the words “the end”.Today I am beginning this blog […]

Time travel, practical applications. Introductory remarks. Welcome. Bienvenue.

“Time travel, practical applications”. That’s what anyone who is interested in time travel wants to see on the menu du jour. And it is an impossible proposition. Which does not really mean that it is not possible. After all five impossible things do happen before breakfast, on just about every day since there have been […]