Time travel, practical applications. Introductory remarks. Welcome. Bienvenue.

“Time travel, practical applications”. That’s what anyone who is interested in time travel wants to see on the menu du jour.

And it is an impossible proposition. Which does not really mean that it is not possible. After all five impossible things do happen before breakfast, on just about every day since there have been days, and well before there was ever such a thing as a breakfast.

Sit yourself down at my fireplace, because I am going to tell you a story, a really really big story, and it is going to take quite some time. I want you to come along for the ride, all the way through. I promise you excitement and adventure, and danger and dare, and passion and flare. There will be sex, and drugs, and quantum-enhanced rock ‘n roll. And all the fun is funny enough to make you laugh, a lot. It is all on the menu.

At the end of it all you, yes you, are going to have a very different view about “time travel, practical applications”. Promise.

“Time Anew” book one— “The Checkered Past”. Due out December 14, 2020.

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