what is time? part four

When you write something and already have a good idea of what it is you are going to write, is it better than when the creation just happens? Are the dreams and imaginings, the stray thoughts and the never-even-considereds somehow also there, out there, in there, waiting and percolating.

OK, a comment about writing technique is not necessarily applicable to an article about the nature of time. It is a totally different thing, right?

Well, maybe not.

The book of time has got to be written somehow, doesn’t it? The creation of creation is a thing.

Likely as not, a creation where everything is already known is no kind of creation at all. It can’t exist. Or it can only exist like the numbers on the pages of the book can exist. Time is what lies beyond the numbers.

The notion of “block time” where time is a block and all is written and has been or will be revealed, can only be suspended animation. The Universe of experience lies within the gaps in the block, where the unexpected flickers in and out to become reality. Outside the regular block is where all the interesting and surprising stuff is, and that is where we are. Yes, we are the irregulars.

“Things always happen in threes” is the famous expression. And they oddly do. The one and the two are de rigueur but the two leads to the trio and the tree of everything follows.

There is a Universe within each and every fraction of being and nothingness. It only takes a quark or two out of place in the torrential downpour of everything to create serendipity, surprise and delight.

Have some idea of what to write, but let’s see what else is in here, out there, and way out beyond !

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