what is time? part three

OK. I am about to go out on a limb here, but it is a reasonably sturdy one. The answer to the mystery of time is going to be something really simple. Possibly something that has been staring us in the face for many a moment.

It is going to be simple, but also elegant, cheeky and a little bit magical.

This is the reality. We exist in a universe in which the complex emanates from the simple. The most advanced computer currently available operates on the basis of a binary process — yes or no, stop or go, null or bang, yin or yang. Time is going to be like that.

Time is going to be integral to the interface between what exists and what does not exist. Again, a binary consideration.

We have the tendency to assume that we are currently at an incredibly advanced stage of progress and prowess. I guess that is what is thought during most of the epochs that have occurred or will occur. In fact, we are not at an incredible advanced state of development. We are just still somewhere on the planet fossicking around like blind beetles in our quest to understand.

Don’t you just think that in its simplest denomination, time is going to be about change? Without a skerrick of change, can time exist? Out there near the event horizon of a black hole, there isn’t a whole lot of happening and there isn’t a whole lot of time either. At the singularity of a Big Bang initiated Universe, something similar could apply. And then with the Big Bang comes the release of time, and everything else, everything else, is the attempt to put the genie back in the bottle. We call that process “time”.

Time is elusive, and isn’t that rather grand? My novels entertain the notion of time travel, and a Universe in which time travel is not only possible, but integral, indispensable and inevitable. Read about it, think about it, and spend a little time on it.

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